Firefighting Training

Training volunteer and professional firefighters is a very important step in preparing them for a real fire. Nowadays hot fire live simulations are used where they simulate a fire. This way of training costs a lot of money, is bad for the environment and can be dangerous. Therefore the VR firefighting training is the perfect solution for this.

Training equipment

The equipment that we are currently using for projects concerning this research topic is the FLAIM Trainer. This is a perfect solution where they deliver the perfect suits and hardware to simulate a real fire.

The kit comes with a fire-hose, retractable fire-hose reel, oxygen tank, oxygen mask, heat suit and nozzle. This creates an immersive and realistic experience for the recruits that are trained.  

The software that comes with the training equipment allow the recruits to choose from a whole selection of scenarios. These scenarios vary from the airport to a navy ship and many more.  


Experiencing Immersive VR Simulation for Firefighter Skills Training 

The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences have done research on the experience of immersive VR extinguishing compared to previous Hot-Fire Live-Simulation (HF-LS).

Images of training sessions